The Canadian poker-millionaire was invited to the NBA Club

Canadian of Greek origin declared itself in 2005. Then he took the second place at the Poker Classis tournament in Los Angelis. The guy got $ 900,000. With variable success Bob continued to play poker seven years.

Then took a pause and mostly bet on basketball events. Vulgaris himself confessed that he earned a bunch of money on this. Canadian told that the first solid hunger he was torn back in early millennium. Then he seemed to put all his savings ($ 80,000) on the championship "Lakers". Triumph "Lake" brought the legumes as far as half a million "Bucks".

In 2017, Vulgaris returned to poker. He, in particular, finished the fourth in the Hirolers tournament on WSOP. Then received the biggest prize for a career – over $ 1.1 million. His total earnings on king exceeded as a mark of three million dollars.

Bob Vulgaris. Photo: Cardschat

But for a year the Canadian undertook new peaks. He went into a big sport. National Basketball Association Club "Dallas" invited Bob to his analytical headquarters. Vulgaris noted that a basketball has long been looking through the prism of statistics. Actually, it became his task as part of "Maeericks".

In these two years "Dallas" went the way from the Outsider League to the contender for playoffs. Many American experts believe that in a few seasons "Maeericks" will fight for the championship.