The decision of the eyelid and other exploits of the “strongest poker rival”

The peculiarities of the victory of the Chichvik adds what colleagues voted for him. And to whom not the pointers themselves are best to know who is as difficult to play at the table as much as possible.

Steve is a recognized shark of the game. A huge star and authority. He is the most successful British poker in history. And confidently holds its seat in the top ten players in the world. His winnings on living tournaments moves to a $ 35 million mark. More than $ 5 million has won in online tournaments.

Despite all the merits, Stephen remains very calm and balanced. But "calm and balanced" – not to be confused with "Weak and talent". The British has vividly demonstrated his own courage to the most expensive tournaments in history. In London Chidd did "Cal".

In a tournament with Bay-in of over a million pounds (!) Steve rolled Ol-in Radzhumar and was able to double his stack. As a result, he completed those fourth place and won nearly 4.5 million pounds!

It is known that before the start of the poker career the British dreamed of becoming a golfar. Long time was called the best poker without a bracelet. But in 2019 he eventually won a valuable WSOP decoration. Steve is also the most successful player of the Open US Championship.

Stephen Chodvik. Photo: Goldcoastbulletin

Many poker experts note the diligence of the British. Chidwick, despite his star status, rides almost all tournaments by high limits. Stephen is one of the most active Hirolers of the present.