Pokerists are looking for a “real” world champion 2020

The creators of this problem, in fact, became the organizers of the world series of poker themselves. Due to the pandemic, in the summer they more than successfully transferred WSOP to online, setting several Guinness Book records at the same time. The main event was then won by Bulgarian Stoyan Madanzhayev, who as if he became the world champion, winning a bracelet and almost $ 4 million in prize.

Madanzhiyev with WSOP Bracelet

However, after that, the wsop bosses decided to organize another, this time “half -alive”, main event. Two separate online tournaments took place: one for players from the US, the other-international. Subsequently, both of them played the final tables, the winners of which (Argentine Damian Salas and American Joseph Hebert) came together in Hedz-Apa. Won Salas and … also became the WSOP Main Event 2020 champion.

Damian salas with wsoop bracelet

Stoyan Madanzhayev immediately after the announcement of plans to hold the second main event, sharply criticized the organizers of WSOP. After the triumph of Salas, Bulgarian undertook his own right to be called the world champion even more active. In particular, Stoyan suggested comparing two Wsop Main Event to find out which one of them "more true":

WSOP MAIN Event who won Madanzhiev:

  • $ 5,000 by bay-in
  • $ 3.9 million in first place
  • 6 thousand entrances
  • Classical structure
  • Equal opportunities for all

WSOP MAIN EVENT who won salas:

  • 10 thousand dollars by bay-in
  • Announced in the last moment
  • Two finalists did not play on the final tables
  • The tournament ended in 2021
  • The winner received $ 2.5 million
  • 1.4 thousand entrances
  • 2 hedzapa
  • The winner had 20 days for preparation

It is not difficult to guess that Madanzhiev hints that his victory is “legitimate”. Bulgarian statement caused a hot discussion. Many pokerists supported his point of view, however, many members of the community disagree with that. Among others, Stoyan criticized the long-term WSOP commentator Norman Chad:

I do not argue, you won impressive victory in online version of Main Event WSOP. But this is not the main world tournament. You try to compare the apples with oranges. Although, in fact, it’s not even apples, but chicken soup in jars.

Be that as it may, for this moment, it is not clear who to consider the official world champion with poker 2020. In the same comments to Madanzhayev’s post, they were offered to hold a hedm-up match of Stoyan against Damian Salas, who would put a point in this story. Bulgarian has already stated that ready for such a duel even without additional prize. So we are waiting for an epic continuation.