In Las Vegas, they hope for quarantine removal

Poker industry here is no exception. Due to the hard quarantine measures taken by countries through Covid-19, serious losses are also casin. Recently, a record fall in profits reported in one of the largest planet Macao Game Zones.

Nothing better in the capital of living poker-Las Vegasi. In particular, it is still unknown when it is possible to hold the main poker series of WSOP, whose start was initially scheduled for the end of May.

US is now leading in the world by the number of covid-19 infected and victims. Not surprisingly, the decision to close all game establishments Vlad Nevada made a month ago.

However, the mayor of Las Vegas Carolin Gudman stated that the US government is time to cancel quarantine measures not only in its city, but throughout the state of Nevada. Caroline was argued by the fact that the whole infrastructure of Las Vegas (hotels, restaurants, casino …) is kept on tourists. In her opinion, quarantine measures of power are "meaningless", After all, people die anyway, but the fall of the economy in the region lead to "much worse consequences". Under "worse" Caroline Goodman meant unemployment and poverty of the population that would lead to increased crime and looting and therefore new deaths.

It should be noted that as of April 17, 681 078 cases of COVID-19 and 35 371 of them have become deadly in the United States of America.