“Mysterious Beauty” in king: Lynn Ji arranges a demonstration master class of cache game

Last year Lynn Ji got into the lens of TV cameras popular poker show High Stakes Poker, when the largest bank in the history of the show was played. In the triple preflop of the hal-ain came the serious Hayrolers Tom Twan and Jean-Beller Bellland.

It still remains a mystery as she appeared in the company of the strongest players whom Banrol has and or does it earn a poker for a living. There was information that Lynne gains a lot of money from some company based in Silicon Valley. So poker is not a professional activity for her.

The largest bank in High Stakes Poker history: See video

Lynn Ji hides his personal life. She never told in an interview about her family or parents. The girl’s age is another secret she keeps well. In English -speaking poker media it is called "Mysterious beauty". She is a US citizen, lives in Los Angeles and spends a lot of time in Las Vegas, where he participates in poker shows and podcasts with the participation of well-known players.

Lynn Ji / Photo Millionsofcelebs.com

Specialization Lina JIs in King-cache games. On the eve "Mysterious beauty" was in the spotlight again. In her social networks, the girl announced that she would arrange an unusual online cheelengo. By the end of the year it will play a distance of 40,000 hands in cache on NL200 limits.

Each session will be recorded on the video and the results will be recorded. Perhaps it is only a way to attract attention, and can it prove to everyone that is a successful c with that can play plus in a long distance.