Maxim Spartak_1: Thanks to poker I feel free

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On Monday night, August 16, a huge Bed Bit-Jackpot was played in the main Ukrainian poker! The owner of the largest part of Kush became Kiev Maxim Spartak_1 who turned into a millionaire in a minute!

After this unexpected success, Max told the official PokerMatch site about his emotions, a successful game in Rum and where to spend the money earned.

Maxim, welcome the winning! That felt in the first minutes when he realized that he threw out Jackpot?

We went with friends from Bukovel, decided to play a little at 50/100. I wonder that to the jackpot distribution I lost Alkajda6 with boilers against the aces. And here I have a quarrel, I see that theoretically on the board can be a piano and a bite-bite-jackpot, but there were many such situations, and I did not attach special importance to it. Thought, alkaida performs and i just win a small bank. He fades – I do the kol and here starts to blink, glow. Emotions just went off!

I understand that 50/100 it’s your working limits?

Yes, I play mostly them, I can go at 100/200 when there is an action. I am one of those who are the most rail there stuffed.

Then it will be easy for you to get 50% reicbeck a year in our new action.

A good idea with this action. I think that thanks to her high limits will be much larger.

You only prefer cache?

Well, tournaments almost not playing. They take a lot of time. Well, it seems to me that the cache is more difficult and interesting. There are more moments when you can invent something in hand. The tournaments are still easier – strategy and perseverance decide. I play mostly Haldem, but lately began to connect the ohmah gradually. The field on PokerMatch contributes to the successful assimilation of this discipline, people love to perform and are not very disassembled in the ranges (smiles).

You’re on Pokermatch relatively recently, a little over a year. As you are here?

I used to play more in offline. Somehow saw that friends were playing, registering too. When there was quarantine, started to actively connect PokerMatch, quickly realized that here’s a good field and you can earn money. There are good stocks, Reykbek again, but most importantly is the field, of course.

Generally you have long been in business? Remember what the poker began with?

Played with friends on livestock (smiles). Started playing 10 years ago, still in the first year. Went to various clubs in Kiev, frivore rolled like everyone. Then gradually switched to the cache, too in the official. It began to make money. Some moment in a good month I got $ 7,000 of the profute, for offline it was just very good. Well, and I decided that I will do the dart professionally.

You somehow work on your game, improving?

I write down the video on the video and then disassemble. If the solution is complicated, then think about how you could play better than to make a player to make a mistake or create a situation in which he would definitely not play optimally and I would be able to earn money. I write notches, come up with traps and so on. Disassemble mostly myself, but happens that we discuss with a friend. He expresses his opinion, I am my own, and we get the optimal solution.

The MTT pads usually have any ambitious goals in your career. Win wsop bracelet, bring a big tournament. And what purpose do you have, that motivates you?

Improve the level and quality of one’s life is the main goal seems to be. This can be done due to the fact that you rise on the limits. The higher limit is more dollars in an hour.

As your parents and relatives relate to your work?

More or less calm. First said it is a non -standard way to make money. And you know, it seems to me I couldn’t work on a normal job. Not interesting. Thanks to poker I feel free. Of course, there should be discipline and regime. Balance is required. Constantly "export", rod, rides is very difficult and no need to overload yourself! I love to travel, run – jogging is very helping to refresh. I walk a lot.

What will you advise those who started playing poker in 2021?

The main thing is to enjoy the game. Otherwise you don’t develop. Banrol should be very deep. You have to be at least 100 bi per game. Dispersion no one canceled and need to feel comfortable. If you lead an aggressive bankroll management then you can just make the wrong decisions in the distribution, you will be strongly pressed with money. Well and not rush to rise in limits. For all your time.

Already came up with where you spend a million?

– Here we were in Bukovel, I saw for sale houses of $ 4,000 per kv. m. You can buy a 10 -squa. A and new sneakers are a must! (smiles).