At stake 1,600,000 dollars: Phil Helmut and Scott Sivers will play a very expensive hedz-up

Phil Helmut remains the main star of the legendary show High Stakes Duel. When Tom Twan refused to continue confrontation after 3 rounds, Helmut had a chance to pick up his win and get rich seriously.

According to the rules of High Stakes Duel, if no one agreed to play with Helmut a duel for $ 1,600,000, he would have completed the show with a winner. However, Scott Sever expressed a desire to replace Tom Dwan and confrontation continued.

The first round where participants paid $ 800,000 left behind Phil Helmut. It was before the start of this year’s WSOP. Now Scott Siverser has a won won world series poker and an additional $ 320,000. True, he recently wrapped 43,000 in another WSOP tournament Flip&Go.

Helmut has not yet been successful on this year’s WSOP in Las Vegas. Most of the poker world series he stayed in quarantine. Now "Poker Brat" fully healthy and preparing to update your record by the number of won wsop trophies.

Hedz-up Phil Helmut and Scott Sivers within High Stakes Duel scheduled for August but the exact dates are currently unknown. The broadcast will only be available for POKERGO Subscribers.