Earned millions without working no day: Ali Imsirovich’s success story

Ali Imsirovich was a diligent student, dreamed of becoming a basketball player, and his father forbade him gambling. Once the Bosnian dared to play poker and quickly reached the status of a professional with multimillion -dollar fortune.

Ali Imsirovich is one of the youngest Hayrolers of the present. Only this year by offline sheet he won over $ 5 million. But start a career by a young player had from scratch.

When the war began in Bosnia, Ali Imsirovich’s family moved to the United States to seek asylum. "The father’s business was lost and $ 500 left in his pocket", – mentions Ali Imsirovich that time.

My father owned restaurants in Bosnia, but when we moved to the USA remained with nothing. He had to work on several jobs at the same time. Such hard work inspired me to be the best in everything,
– says Ali Imsirovich.

It is the working ethics and determination in business that led the young man to the status of a millionaire. Due to the desire to master the subtleties of the game Imsirovich showed what can be achieved in the poison by any player.

As a kid, he dreamed of becoming a professional basketball player, but the injury destroyed all plans. New passion for the competitive process sprinkled poker. For the first time this game was introduced by his father who thus spent leisure with friends. When a young young man asked to play with them, his father decisively denied.

Ali Imsirovich was a diligent student. At the age of 16, he successfully passed the test at school and entered Washington University. The young student kept a fierce interest in poker so once dared to play offline.

Ali Imsirovich / Photo PokerNews

Bankrol Ali Imsirovich received at the age of 18. Father gave him $ 60 to repair a guitar but these money guy paid a contribution to a single tournament that was able to win. Moreover, money earned even more than belonging to the winner. Imsirovich had 90% of all chips in 4-max, when players decided to divide the prize fund. So invited $ 100 more.

On the wave of success and new interest, Ali Imsirovich left university and seriously mastered poker. The results did not appear immediately. Remembering his first valuable tournaments, the Bosnian often told about failures.

I participated in tournaments with Bay-in 10 and $ 25,000. I remember the left of me sat Justin Bonomo and just destroyed me. I thought I was not a place among such players and I needed to go back to study,
– remembers Ali Imsirovich.

2017 was a turning point in Ali Imsirovich’s career. He went to storm WSOP and then learned about Poker Masters. Managed to win a few tournaments and get a bankroll desired for Hiroler. The next year the Bosnian took away the main award "Purple jacket", Having won over one million dollars in two Poker Masters series tournaments.

Ali Imsirovich / WORLDPOKERTOUR Photo.com

His successes only multiply. Ali Imsirovich is ranked 1st in the Pokergo Tour leaders table with a profit of more than $ 5 million. It turned out that the game from which his father kept him away in childhood now brings serious money to the whole family of Ali Imsirovich.