They will teach to earn millions: the best books about poker

Poker has long proven his place among intellectual games where skills and skills weigh much more than luck. Therefore, as in any other such field, you can develop only constantly, preferably from recognized professionals.

To someone suitable video tutorials and streams, however, and more traditional methods are still relevant. We offer you a selection of the best poker books.

Harrington about Holdem (3 volumes)

(Harrington on Hold’Em)

Harrington about Holdem is one of the most respected textbooks about a tournament unlimited Haldem. For those who want to make poker in their profession and steadily succeed, this book is a must. Not for nothing it was translated into many languages.

Inside you can find universal poker strategy from Main Event WSOP Champion 1995. In addition to its championship, Harrington got to the WSOP Main Tournament final three times in 1995, 2003 and 2004.

Roy Rounder. Easy poker mathematics

(Poker Math Made Easy No Limit Hold’Em Secrets)

It seems to you to calculate all the variants in the poker is difficult and not clear? It does not! If you have studied at least 6 grades, you can easily count your chances in the poison. Without understanding poker mathematics, sitting at the table there is no sense. This book explains the whole theory in a simple and understandable language.

Miller, Sclances, Malmut. Haldem playing on low limits

(Small Stakes Hold ‘EM)

This book explains in detail all the nuances and subtleties to win in the Haldem. The main difference between this book and others is that you will be taught to use an aggressive style inherent in almost all professionals. The book will teach you to make the right decisions on many examples.

Phil Gordon. A little green book

(Little Green Book: Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Hold’Em)

This book is a guide on behavior and reflections of professional players. The author is not limited to blurred tips on how to play. Instead, Phil will tell about the motives of his decisions at a poker table that will allow you to better understand your opponents.

Doyle Branson. Super system. A course of intense poker

(Super System: A Course in Power)

With the help of a legendary professional you can understand all the intricacies of poker. In this great book, Doyle shares the secrets and strategies of the game, tells the original techniques. And here there is a huge amount of full and accurate poker statistics.

All of these books can give you the necessary base to confidently feel at the poker table both in OH-Lane and in living competitions. And of course they will not replace the personal experience that just need to gain by stuffing their own cones. Only a combination of theory and practice will allow you to become a successful professional.