Daniel Negrean “ran” on the mayor of Las Vegas

Main Poker Show Daniel Negrean disappeared from radars during quarantine. The surname of the flamboyant Canadian did not appear in the headlines of profile publications. And Daniel undertook to make up for the lost.

At first he almost joined the loudest poker event in recent months – Galfond Challenge. It started with the fact that Phil Galfon wrote on Twitter:

And what, Negrean is also involved in a challenge? Why no one told me about it?

Finally, it turned out to play against American Hiroler Canadian still won’t. Looks like Daniel just caught a wave of haap. After all, Negrean began to invent a weird regulation. Wanted half a million dollars. Reduce the number of distribution from 25 thousand to 10 thousand. Well, and "for dessert" Even… ban the raise to the flop.

A little later, the Canadian generally said that his mysterious sponsor, who had to pay Daniel to participate in Challenge, finally refused. So hedz-up battle will not be.

A considerable number of fans immediately began to write that the Negrean was just hipping, and playing with Galfund he was not going. The fans are likely to bite the Canadian. Daniel on a level place created another information drive.

Canadian frankly "Went" On the mayor of Las Vegas Carolin Gudman, who called on US power to weaken quarantine. The word to the Negrean pocket does not climb:

Mayor Karolin Gudman is now shame on national television. Notably. Worth attention. Can’t believe that I see and hear it from her.

Here already the opinion of the fans split. Some supported Daniel. Others share the mayor’s position because they no longer have to pay bills. And without a gambling sphere of life in Las Vegas is frozen.

Note that Daniel Negrean is one of the most popular pokerists. It takes the third place in the ranking of the most successful players in history. For his phenomenal career, Canadian earned 42 million dollars in live tournaments.