Fables from Grandpa Branson: How to lose $ 5,000 in 10 seconds

About 60 years ago, Doyle Branson recalls, he with a companion named Reds headed on the cache of the cache in Amarillo. On the way young poresters jumped out of a snack in a roadside cafe. Doyle’s partner, guy bold and arrogant, tried to impress the waitress, swaying a thick pack of money. It was all their bankroll – $ 5,000.

The girl did not impress the girl, but he was interested in young men sitting nearby. They did not have time to pointer and a few kilometers from the cafe to leave, as they were victims of banal robbery. Another car was leveled with Branson’s car whose side glass looked out the revolver. So the pouring saarse said with their bankruptcy without even sitting at the poker table.

Fables from Grandpa Branson. Photo: Poker Central

Fortunately, Doyle with Red was a small hiding place, and $ 550 left, the victims of the robbery decided to play poker. The winner of the only distribution in the open took 500 bucks per game, loser received only $ 50 on the road home. Fortuna eventually smiled to someone who deserved more. The arrogant edited on the bus, and Doyle, after all, multiplied the modest bankroll, continuing the path to the status of the legend of poker.